Friday, October 06, 2006

10 Things you didn't know about me...

10) I love old buildings and exploring them----at least if its safe
9) I'm still not sure why I'm at school....but I know I'm suppost to be here
8) I'm not eating much meat anymore but I'm not a veggitarian....just don't have piles of meat laying around.
7) I can never sleep well when I'm excited from something..even if it's months away!!!!
6) I love daisies and my wedding day shall be full of them!!!!!
5) Can't wait till Christmas
4) I feel pretty without my glasses
3) I have never dated!!! My own choice :)
2) I have a lot of homework that I'm just ignoring right now
1) My Dad just showed my the most beautiful spot in Saskachewan and I almost cried.....our little secret!!!!


Anonymous said...

10) - Sweet, I used to do that all the time when I worked for the bick and we delivered to people in the middle of nowhere and there were old abandoned places...
9) - To learn!
8) - MEat's good! mmmm....mmmmeeeaaattt
7) - What are you anticipating?
6) - Hmmm...reminds me of a song...Daisy maybe?
5) - Niether can I! 1 month and 19days...
4) - "I feel pretty, oh so pretty"
3) - I have...good times haha...what's your definition of a "date"
2) - Me too...I have to read a book still! haha...j/k...I have started it...
1) - Take a picture!

Teaka said...

10)ya but nobody lives in these houses
9)Yep to learn but then what...mind you I don't have to know the whole picture right now
8)yep meat is good
7)anything exciting Christmas, a trip, something new or unusal
3)acutally calling it one
1)can't take a pic the colors just wouldn't be the bad