Monday, September 25, 2006


Today's main lesson makeup:
I clinged though the entire lesson, yes I accept that I have very little idea of how the whole makeup procedure should really go. Of course all the other girls loved it, mean while I stayed in the corner trying my best to grasp everything that we must learn. Even the one guy knew more about what to do with each brush or where to put this cream....yep....then of course we do his face up for pratice but then they want to do mine....yep they all know I have zero makeup understanding. Blame it on my money, lack of understanding, freaked out, anything....cause though I love the idea of it and do my best to make myself up each morning I guess it's just not good enough. Funny I though I was doing ok. biggest and lamest (if that's even a word) fear has arrived.


Tommi said...

you are too beautiful for makeup!

Teaka said...