Friday, September 22, 2006


It's only been a week and a few days and it's already hit me that I'm homesick. Homesick for familer voices and familer things just something that I feel comfortable with. Yet in all of this I don't feel ready to leave, even for Thanksgiving. It's like I want to be serounded by my life back in Sask but I don't want to just give this up because this too is begining to feel more easy and for lack of a better word, comfortable. I'm happy though...and it definalty feels good to be away for the time being.

Next on the agenda:

There is a confrence coming up this next weekend in which I'm a little excited for because though we are not participating in the camera and studio work, we the students, still get to help out with setting up, the prayer room, and Lord help None-the-less I find that getting a free confrence will in all balance this out quite nicely. So whenever we have free time (ifns that ever happens) then yeahhhhh a little preaching will be nice.

I guess I also got a job too...didn't really realize that until a day or so ago. One of the camera guys (EFP) needs a crew of people to help dig out bulbs from his flower feilds.....yep this is definaly somthing you wouldn't see in Swift. Anycase it happens that we all signed up and I personally didn't realize that this lasts for months...I'm sure there will be other dutys besides picking bulbs. Well this will be interesting and I'm sure rather fun too. Yet I refusse to work Sunday mornings even if I'm the only student at church this sunday morning I can't just not go I'm not that desperat for money. But whatever I'll join the guys after word.

Yep so I think I'll be signing off now so much to do...etc.

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Tommi said...

I LOVE AND MISS U SOOOOOOOO MUCH!!! Japetto is fine. I'm sorry u were traumatized. that is the most retarded hypocritical thing i have ever heard!