Friday, September 01, 2006

Dr Zeus Nightmare!!!!!

Another one of my crazy dreams
...I am driving around town for what ever reason when I go to make a left hand turn which I some how make to wide and drive over a curb. I know instantly that a police will have seen it and of course when I look behind there is a police care with his lights on. SO I pull over, because I'm such a good girl, and wait for the police officer to come. Yet instead I am greeted by what I think was and Thing 1 or Thing 2 (you know from Dr Zeus's Cat in the Hat). THis thing grabs on to my arm and will not let go I can't figure out it's purpose, so I Countune driving but it keeps on holding on. I fling my arm out the window to make it fall off but it's not. Instead like a cartoon animation my arm drags back like 5 meters with this thing on my arm. Next I see that once again there is a police car with its lights on only this time the Cat In THe HAt is caseing me. AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Just to make a note that instead of these guys being colored in the orignal red, blue and white they were instead color Pink (things 1 and 2' hair), yellow and orange for their clothing. It ended up that I found myself by a huge tree where I told everybody of my terrblie dream. Where in my dream I also inturpreted the dream like this-----I am to attached to my twin (I guess thing one and Thing two) and I think I'm to affraid of getting a ticket so I want to drive very careful from now on.... I didn't sleep well last night. None the less, I hope my nightmare made everybody's day-------someone has to get some benifit from it, I guess just not me.

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