Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Teaka's New Baby

There she is... isn't she so beautiful!!!! Panasonic PV-GS29 minidv camcorderwith 30x optical zoom and and 100x digital zoom, Image Stabilzer Function, and all the confusing buttons and options to pick from!!! Yep, I just got her today. I walk into the shop and saw her behind the glass case and said I'll take that one, charge it to my account...well maybe I did do a little research, really alot. In anycase she's mine, all mine and though I paid a pretty penny for her I think it'll be worth while in the long run....I dearly hope so. I spent at least two hours just fiddling with it, as I do have the afternoon off so my time is rather open for this nonsence. In anycase I hope to master the art of video creating and if I can not master it in a few weeks I at least hope I'll have fun at school with it and have grasp some angle of this wonderful little camcorder of mine.
Isn't it exciting!!!! I'm so excited!!!!!

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Tommi said...

I hope you two are very happy together:)