Thursday, August 24, 2006

Bundled Up in Chocolate Tweed and New Life

I believe one of the definite things I’m going to largely miss will be my time at my boutique. Most of all the season change and the feelings that come with each one. I will have worked one year and two months and I’ve experienced each temperature change in and out of the shop. Since autumn is now arriving shipments of brown tweed gauchos, black and white hound’s-tooth trenches and chocolate crushed blazers are showing up by the box loads. At the same time a crisp cool climate has swept down town today with a grey clouded shy and a noticeable wind rustling in the tree out front, This more or less makes we want to bundle up in the latest fall fashions while stepping outside to feel the evident chances in the atmosphere. Yet, though soon enough the world around will begin it’s descent into a dormant sleep my life has now seemed to spring up into an array of life and excitement completely new to this young 19 year olds mind and spirit. My, I do enjoy days like today.

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Emily said... I was not expecting to get a comment...thanks so much! I had to create a blog for one of my classes and write about our thoughts and I figured why not write about this?..That's cool how you found it! Thanks for taking the time to read!