Monday, August 07, 2006

Behind the...

Watching a program on the Miracle Channel and I really just sat there thinking...... so some day I'm going to be standing right in that door way, sitting in that very room, seeing and talking to that person............ but it just doesn't seem real, like I have to wait another 5 more years till I feel ready. Uhm.... but it's only a month away...... surely this is all a dream a wonderful unforgetable dream.... right? Is this actually happening to little me? I wonder if I went back in time even just a few years back and brought up the idea that one day I'd be doing somthing totally unrealistic to me and something at that time I never though I could do but definatly figured I must do? I mean a year ago I never though of myself in broadcasting but I'v always had it decided that my future wasn't going to be plain....yep this will not be plain...I think I have some pretty exciting things coming my way... only wish I fully knew what they were.

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