Friday, July 21, 2006

My dream

I was just sitting here minding my own business when it came to my recollection of a strange dream I had almost a week ago…so strange…(drifting of into dream world)…

I was doing some grocery shopping in the co-op, I was picking up I think it was shampoo and conditioner as I turned around I bumped into Clinton (From TLC What Not To Wear) I was flabbergasted and was like “oh my goodness, hello this famous person is right in front of me, whoa!” He explained to me that Stacy and him were in a helicopter trying to get to Edmonton for a show they were doing but the helicopter crashed or ran out of fuel so they ended up here in Swift Current. In a state of shock, I asked to see Stacy because I had a very important question to ask her. He then proceeded to lead me towards the carwash place and there was Stacy. Wow, I was just in complete shock. I explained to here that I since she was such a well educated women I need her to help me with a very difficult issue that only she could help me with. Of course she said yes and I told how I just couldn’t find the right pair of pants and I always seem to be to “thick” on my stomach and thin on my hips so there were simply no pants in this world to help me. We went around to some store but in the end we gave up. Stacy finally threw her hands up in the air and explained that I was the hardest case and that I probably would have to get my pants made by a seamstress. Stacy and Clinton finally left after I helped them find a small plane to continue their journey. I was left with no pants….sigh

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Tommi-Lyn said...

cute dream...make sure u continue to blog when you're in lethbridge so we know whats goin on!