Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Can you read this?

…das os s’iI .no gniog s’tahw eulc on evah I .ti nepo ot yrt I emit hcae troper rorre na em ginvig fo speek tnuocca liam-e ym esuaceb tesup os m’I tub ilihC morf enim fo dneirf a aiP morf liam-e na tog I !!!!!og ot yaw neht siht daer uoy fi oS .sdrawkcab yletelpmoc golb eritne siht etirw ot dediced evah I

Anyways back to my normal writing. I was fast a work yesterday at TCBY when our power went completely out, I think it was around 8:30pm0. I'm not sure if all of Swift Current had this or not but it seemed that all the other local business were in the same perdicamint. MOst of the customers stayed but we could serve no one else because our yougurt machines would not work and neither our till. So we basically sat around and talked which was rather enjoyable. So by 9:30pm it was getting to dark to do anything else and the power still wasn't on so we started to clean up which doesn't start till 10Pm. Very little got done so I feel sorry for the morning crew. Oh well I got to go back to my house early and had a lovely evening.
When theres a power outage I think people in general must not think clearly because if everyone's power is out it like they think "Hey lets go get some icecream or something". But of coure if there is no power then there is no icecream to be served. Silly people!!


Elizabeth said...

teaka i don't get the first part...

jord...i said...

i do! seems someone has a lot of time on their hands... but kudos on the effort. (psst... liz... start at the end and go backwards...)