Tuesday, July 25, 2006


I'm rather upset today only for no good reason. I was so hoping that my miniDV camcorder would be in today but it still has not arrived so this leads me to be over all bummed.
But a question now. Is it totally mean to ignore a group of people whom you have no interest in, yet they still want to latch on to some form of relationship? I mean I was thinking that hey I could make up all these true and logical reasons why I can't hang out with them on this and that day but I'm thinking is that unethical when I really do have the time if I make it? Yet how else do you say "I really would rather not be with you guys anymore because it was always strange to begin and we haven't kept in contace for at least a year." I mean only hanging out with them will lead to more invites but not going would that make me well... a lier? Why am I feelling totally guilty on this one??????
I hate this so much!

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