Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Sleep to Daze

I never realized how much I need a journal especially RIGHT NOW!!! Not that I have a stack full of emotions that I must vent out, rather having a quite moment before bed just to release my day, from the facts to the drama, helps me to fall asleep better. And Lord knows that I need to figure out how to sleep. With a new job (fast food, ugh, only for the time being so I Praise the Lord for providing me with it) I find that working a 5-10pm shift (all my shifts) makes my mind still crazy and active when my body is crying out for rest. There for if I could take even a 15min break to settle down my mind before I turn off my lamp, well I sure I would sleep all the more better. Yet this is only a theory of mine that I’m bound to try for I refuse to lay another nigh tossing and turning of a hour before I finally fall into a half daze sleep. Besides I just simply miss journaling since my last page ran out early last week.


Elizabeth said...

Yesterday for Lunch I was sick of just staying at work all day so I went to the park and ate there it was so peaceful and nice. I will defiantly do that again! I write in a journal too.

jordinicolle said...

journals are a necessity. i left mine for a while and now regret that i have no personally recorded account of that time... what did i do and what was i feeling?!? so yup, better get on that. journals are probably one of the greatest things to shop for ever. you have to go where there is lots of selection, make sure you have lots of time, pick them up one by one, feel their weight and the texture of their pages, and finally decide upon the exact one that will lend itself best to your oh-so-valuable thoughts, musings, and vents. and don't worry about the price. the perfect journal is without a tag; its simply a must. kind of like air.

Elizabeth said...

Teaka you know who Jordi reminds me of... remember that Elegance tape set we listen to? She's like the Lady who wrote the elegance book. Very posed, very eloquent, elegance it's self.