Friday, June 30, 2006

My Fair Lady Canada

I used to be a history buff when I was younger, more or less to Canada’s beginning and I suppose I knew to the extent that my age allowed me to fully absorb. Yet I feel now more than ever to get back into my books and freshen up things a bit as lessons forgotten can fall short from what once occurred. Tomorrow is Canada Day!!!!!!! I’ve never really celebrated this date before…well fully acknowledged it…yet I think that this year I should really take it seriously. It’s so incredibly easy to skip over what’s going on now and what has happened in the past concerning the very government that our lives truly revolve around. Even if we do think very little effects us, well some where down the line things create and make the life we live and our past does have a major impact on us. Golly I’d love to go back and figure things out again. Not so much political stuff though. I know it’s all very important but I loved the real tangible stuff such as how the ship’s were build to accommodate there loads of animal, luggage and people, where our ancestors first lived, then migrating to Saskatchewan, what made them travel here, what drew them, and what type of people came and mostly who were the women of that time? Oh my list could go on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I simply love history and I so wish I didn’t forget it…one bad history teacher shouldn’t have affected my love for the subject oh so long ago!!!!!!!
So here’s to you My Fair Lady Canada!!!! May your day be special and you’re founding’s fathers inscription be set for decades to come!!!!!!!!
I’ve always thought of Canada as being a lady...

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