Thursday, May 04, 2006

My Goodness

My goodness I never realized that I can do a workout on my hand and wrist. Yesterday I had a wonderful day working along side my Dad at a cabin he is somewhat building. My job for the whole morining and part of the afternoon was to hammer nail after nail into these little green Xs on the floor. I'm sure there was over 500. My hand was a bit achy but not as much as this moring. But a wonderful thing that did happen was that I was using the... oh shoot I forgot the name.... band saw no, uhm oh miter saw and Zing!!!! as piece of wood got stuck in the blade and cut my thumb real deep. I was all alone in the cabin cause Dad heard that our cows got out and so went home to get them back. So I ran down stair to the bathroom and ran my thumb under water - the blood was gushing out!!!! I almost went into shock but I noticed that my finger wasn't that badly cut so it wasn't like I would loose it or anything. I grabed some tissue and waited for Dad to come back (ain't no way I was going back on that saw). So I simply asked Dad when he got back for a diffrent job, he gave my a band aid and we were off to work again. So anyhow my left thumb has a throbing cut and bandaid on it and my right hand and writs are rather swore. Yet I'm quite all right and ready to start my day of work and excitment!!!!!!!!

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