Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Teaka’s Free Style Aerobics

Starting a day off with exercise is probably the best way to wake myself up into a world past housecoats and oatmeal. When one wakes up to their room mates slamming the door shut, due to Due to ill functions of door knobs and hinges, it not only startles the groggy, sleep deprived brain of a young adolescent but turns the sheets on her bed into a pile of unrecognizable knots and snarls that all but promote her to start her day doing anything but going back to sleep! Yet I am in a process of teaching myself to change my exercise routine so I don’t get board out of my wits from jogging on the same sidewalk every single blessed day. I believe that I have the attention span for the same, same life style as that of my third grader. As my past teachers used to tell my parents, “she can’t keep still in her desk or standing in line, and she threw a piece of Blue Sticky Stuff in “insert name here” s hair! That is just not acceptable!” Changing my daily schedule is essential to waking up and feeling ready to move onto the next step whether that be brushing my teeth or starting at myself in a mirror for an hour telling yourself that that huge pimple on your collar bone is just a figment of your imagination. In all, I mean to say that I enjoyed my workout today that included my jump rope, 3 pound weights and Teaka’s Free Style Aerobics, which by the way is a new craze sweeping across the globe that includes blaring Praise and Worship music and dancing for 20 minutes all through the house with jumps, spines, leg and arm stretching and the occasional pause at the mirror to laugh at you’re shimmies and ballet leaps. I high suggest every one out there to give it a try. Just one note, make sure no room mates are around as it could lead to some intersting conversations latter on in life.
Well, that’s about it


Tommi said...

I would love to see this! and try it!

jordinicolle said...

oh, the urge to tell on you to your roomates is oh so tempting! tee hee... but i will refrain!