Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A touch of water

A touch of water does the soul good. When one splishes and splashes as though she actually knows what she's doing. Up one lane and ending up on the other side (well not that terrible) isn't all that rewarding of a feeling but gives one a feelling of satisfaction. But then again it definatly showed that I'm not an avid swimmer. None the less I rather enjoyed myself, and after I showered and was back out the door I felt totally refreshed and open to the world.
Anyhow I think swimming is something I could take up. Just as long as I'm there before 7:15am and out before 8:30am! I notice the pool began to fill up and there are only so many lanes.
Yeppers that's this morning!

1 comment:

Tommi said...

i wanna go swimming too! i will go with u? oh when oh when?