Saturday, March 11, 2006

Deadly Game

My brain is about to explode!!! I have just discovered a new game called Sudoku which isn't new to this world but to me. Anyways it kills your brain and makes you stew over little tinny squares..."should I put this number there, or maybe the other one, wait now shoot...!" In this paper and pencile game your goal is to fill in this 9x9 square with numbers from 1-9. But there can only be one of each number in each row and colume both up and down.
My point is is that I think this game was invented to mock human intelligence (or at least mine!) I have yet to complete one without going at least half insane, and to spend more then an hour staring at a piece of paper with numbers is enough to drive any person CRAZY. Well I guess not out accountances and tax people. Anyways try a virtual game at .
P.S. ask God to give you divine wisdom before you start.

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amelia said...

hi teaka, i'm tommi's friend amy, and i tried that game, and it is HORRIBLE!!!! (: I can see it being addictive though!!