Sunday, November 02, 2014

Coming Tomorrow New Christmas Garments

I can't wait to share with you guys all of my new winter and Christmas garments I've been working on. Currently I'm to exhausted after one chilly shoot to say any more. Just check in tomorrow, by mid afternoon you can see them all. 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

My Sewing Sweater

   This past Saturday I decided I'd commit myself to sewing up one sweater. This sweater would not be sold or given to anyone but me. Honestly it's a bit unusual that I actually create a garment for myself since I'm learning that time away from the sewing room is sometimes rare and valuable. Often I would rather just take a break from sewing when I do have the time to spare. It helps me love the process rather than feeling overwhelmed.
   I decided to use a cozy, hunter green, ponte de roma knit fabric. The sweater would be simple, using the same pattern as my Elbow Patch Sweater Design. I LOVE the fit of this pullover, I think the pattern turned out great for my shop so I couldn't resit making one for myself.

   However the Saturday morning before I took to my sewing machine I decided it might be fun to create a felt badge. At the time I thought it was rather cute and even felted it onto the front of the sweater. I think later during the sewing process I began to regret the patch. I don't mind it any more however I feared it may look a bit childish. Oh well, by that time there was no turning back.
   In the end I really do like my cozy sweater. I think it'll be great for chilly days at home and during autumn walks. Plus Jonathan thinks the badge makes me look like I'm apart of some preppy sewing academy. I think that's good....

Excuse my squinting eyes in these photos.

Monday, September 08, 2014

Quiet Days

   I am thankful for quiet days.

   Once a week I have a whole day reserved only for sewing, working on orders, mailing packages, replying to messages, and anything related to my shop. Of course I find myself working on orders and new designs every other day of the week, yet that ends up only being an hour or two each day. But it's this one slot of time, that one day of the week I love the most, for it's all mine. It's during this time I can get myself caught up, hopefully get a few things done of my check list and somewheres in there just be calm and alone.

   I find my balance with a mixture of being with people and alone time however I must admit sometimes I really do love those quiet times the most.

   Today was my sewing day and I'd say it was a perfect blend of productivity, and stillness. Plus the chilly air, grey skies and the evening showers certainly were a bonus.

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Are You An Avid Reader?

   I'd say a good chunk of people are avid book readers. That is, most people I talk to say they love to read and probably get through at least one to two books a month, some would even say a book a week.

   I use to think I could include myself in with this group of readers. That I could say I often found myself engulfed, hours on end, in some book's plot or storyline. But upon stepping back and reviewing the amount of books I've finished this year I can honestly say I think I've only finished six of them. This is sad.

   Right now I'm reading an older book I had read once in my teen years. It's mostly an unheard of
trilogy called Papa's Wife, Papa's Daughter, and Mama's Way, by Thyra Ferre Bjor. Since it's a trilogy it's a thicker book and at the rate I'm going I think it would be realistic to say I'll get it done by Christmas. That being said I'm not an avid fictional reader. Perhaps I go through non-fiction a little faster, typically history.

   So with all that being said, do you include yourself in the avid reader's club? Plus how long does it typically take you to finish a good book? 

Monday, September 01, 2014

New Autumn Garments

   Happy September 1st everyone! This is the month I feel takes on the most change as we switch from a relaxed summer mode to finding our routine again, there's a small change in the weather and the slightest hint that autumn is on it's way. Who doesn't love this?
   With this change I decided today would be the perfect day to update my Etsy shop with nine new autumn garments.
   To view a few more photos, read their description and see their prices simply click on the garment's name.
Faux Fox Stole
Cream Autumn Sweater
Faux Rabbit Fur Scarf
 Autumn Peter Pan Collar Cape
 Gingham Jacket
Faux Fur Fox Scarf
Elbow Patch Sweater 
 Grey Felted Mittens
White Felted Mittens

Friday, August 29, 2014

The Start Of Learning To Sew Lingerie

   I did it! I wasn't sure if I was willing to commit to a new project but I finally decided to dive in and start learning a little about lingerie making.

   Burda Style was offering this Sew Your Own 8 Piece Lingerie course, which runs from August 29th to Nov 24th, and it seemed to be just up my alley. However I was going back and forth about registering for the class since it was $80. I wanted to be sure I really could give the proper time to learning and doing the assignments as this is something I've been wanting to learn more about since going to college. Even though we did cover a little bit in some drafting and sewing classes I feel like a lot has slipped my mind and I really would need more instructions to get me started.

   One thing I've learned is the more I sew the less I really know. Don't get me wrong, my confidences in certain areas has definitely grown but I am aware there are many areas I want to improve in. Yet living in a smaller town there are limited resources for on hand learning regarding specific areas so even though I learn best one on one I've decided this may be my best opportunity for this current season.
Bustier Top 5/2011 #127
   So, somehow amongst my out of home job, working on orders, and creating new garments I'll try to find time to maintain this "class". I can't wait though, it's good to keep the mind growing and learning.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Not Good At Being On Vacation

   I've learned I'm not very good at taking a vacation or rather how to properly be on a holiday. It's an easy enough concept however I'm finding the older I get the more I want to accomplish with my time off.

   This past week was my week off from the job at my church. Jonathan doesn't get vacation time yet so I knew that this could be a full week to do whatever I desired. Heaven right? Out of the many wonderful and great things I could do with my time to get recharged, have some fun and get refreshed, I instead found myself in my sewing room, 9am to 4pm, pretty much every day sewing. At the time it was a great idea, I could catch up on orders and get a good start on my new autumn garments. But by Friday I was beat. I'll admit I don't regret getting done what I was able to get done. In fact if I hadn't finished what I had then I'd be really behind this week, however I can't help wishing I didn't get in more "me" time.

   I am thankful for the one Thursday afternoon I took off to run around town and spend some time in my back yard pretending to water color. I wouldn't mind being able to paint a bit more. Perhaps this coming weekend I'll convince myself to pull out the colors again and instead of just watching a movie when I'm exhausted, get back to doing something good for my creativity and mind outside of sewing.
   Here's hoping I commit to that.