Monday, April 07, 2014

New Spring Garments

Three new garments have been added to my shop.

Friday, April 04, 2014

A Couple New Garments Coming

   Last night we were able to sneak in a quick shoot for three more garments I want to add to my shop next week. We've been dealing with some rather chilly weather so I was thrilled that we had enough sun to melt what snow did remain so things looked snow free. It doesn't look like spring when there are patches of white here and there. Mind you dead looking trees and grass may not lend very well to the season either. However I was pleased with the shoot and I'm even more so looking forward to getting these new garments up.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Monday, March 10, 2014

My Kind of Sunday

   I do love my Sundays, clearly the perfect day for rest. When I can I try to implement my "No Sew Sunday" rule and I was thankful that this Sunday I was able to follow through with it. Besides the outdoors were calling me with warm winds and beautiful plus temperature, it would be silly to waist such a beautiful time. 
   I went for a short walk and took one of my favorite routes that was sure to give me some spring run off. It did not disappoint. There were little flows of water, and bubbling streams everywhere. This to me is a true sign of a new season to come. I know we'll have a couple more dumps of snow,  however days like today stir up that excitement for longer days and more outside activities.
   Another short period of my "No Sew Sunday" was spent taking a nap in the sunlight and relaxing on my bed reading and journaling. Like I said, my kind of Sunday.

Friday, March 07, 2014

What I'm Working on This Weekend

   I don't very often like to make it public what I'm working on with full pictures. I'd rather just show the final product, once it's been tweaked and completed to my liking. However I'm just so looking forward to this weekend and continuing on with a certain dress that I thought it might be fun to share my work in progress.
Excuse me for the poor photos as these come from my iphone.

   It's a slow process but last night I finished attaching the lining to the bodic, sewing in the sleeves, and hand stitching the arm hole inside.  My hope is to finish the entire gown this weekend.

Etsy Interview- Linn Warme

   Today I have a little interview to share with you guys, featuring Linn and her creative shop, Linn Warme. She uses her own personal illustrations, which by the way are stunning, to construct some unique jewellery pieces that I really love and I'm sure you guys will too.
1) Tell us your story about how you began creating these art and nature inspired pieces.
I got the idea to create jewelry from my illustration when my school had a Christmas market a few years ago, it was a easy way of creating something of something I already created, to my surprise it was a huge success and I got a lot of happy customers that Christmas market.
2) What's your design process for your pieces?
I usually start my process with drawing things from the nature, it can be anything from animals to flowers, after I'm done with the illustration I can decide what I want to make of it, should it be a piece of jewelry, a part of a pattern or am I happy with it just as a illustration? I'm always driven by my eager to create new things and I love to just sit down with a big cup of coffee and just draw all day.
3) Right now what's your favorite item in your shop?
It's probably these earrings of mine, I call them Colorful Flower Earrings and the title speak pretty clear what they are, they're fun, simple and colorful, that's why I love them :)

Thursday, February 27, 2014

My Favorite Sewing Books

   I would assume that most seamstresses have their go to sewing books that they use for reference and to guide them through unfamiliar techniques. Over a couple of years I have accumulated a few and from those I have found my selection I can't live without.  So, here are my go to books in my sewing room.
   Do you have any favorites that you find yourself constantly referring back to? If so do share with me. I'd love to find a few more.
 1) These two books are simply my favorites and both were given to me as a gift. The one on the left, The Vogue Sewing Book was the first one published in the 1970's. Sewing principles remain the same and I love the retro illustrations, they both have comprehensive instructions for understanding pattern markings, selecting fabrics and notions, hand-stitching and mending, pressing, and measuring to fit. The one of the right, Vogue Sewing, is simply a revised version with modern pictures and some newer sewing techniques that a bit more relevant for today's sewing.
2) Reader's Digest Complete Guide to Sewing is an older book but the newest one added to my favorite list. It was given to me by my husband's aunt. I find this book covers a lot of similar subjects as the Vogue books however it's quite handy being able to refer to another author with different illustrations and explanations for an array of subjects and techniques.
3) I picked up this book while in Fashion Design school. And though we didn't use it much in class I have found it invaluable to my every day sewing.  A Guide to Fashion Sewing, is a bit different than the top books in that it's soul purpose is to illustrate the proper sewing order of individual garments. Each chapter has details graphics and descriptions of what steps to follow next, and how to complete the most basic to more complex technique. This is my sewing Bible! I think I refer the most to this book.
4) Want to know a secret? I dislike, I mean I really loath pattern drafting. Yet because it's a necessity with any design, knowing how to create a pattern, altering it and recreate it, it's something I simply have to suck up and do. Since I have to do this step I mostly prefer this book, Patternmaking for Fashion Design . I've seen a few and this one, which I also picked up in Fashion design school, is really great at explaining the whole process. This is one area I could really use some more education on so if you know of another informative drafting book please share!
   There you have it, my favorite sewing books. Like I said before, if you know of any other great ones please do share.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Personalized Bridesmaid Scarves

   Last October my brother got married to his darling bride, the wedding was so lovely.  To see their  photos, taken by my husband Jonathan, check out the website, Jonathan Ritz Photography. I really love them! But enough of this shameless promotion. What I wanted to say was I had the honor of creating some personalized scarves for the bridesmaids. I had such a blast with this project that I decided to add a new posting to my shop to help other brides create personalized infinity scarves as gifts for their girls.
Personalized Bridesmaid Scarves
   The bride will be able to select a fabric or individual fabrics for all her girls. Each scarf comes with a personalized label with the bridesmaid's name and the date of the wedding, also one of my faux leather scarf cuffs. To view more information about getting customized scarves check out my posting, Personalized Bridesmaid Scarves.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Photos of Me "Working"

   I've never had a real "professional" photo of myself to use for social media or for advertising purposes. I don't think I ever really thought about it or felt a need for one. Finally I decided to just do it and while we were shooting a few new garments for my shop I forced myself in front of my husband's camera and sucked it up. I felt incredibly silly but now I have a cliche photo that says, "Hey, this girl likes to sew".
   I even made it in a few other times while fixing and adjusting things. Rare photos. But I guess it's kind of nice to have couple photos of myself working for future sake. Sort of fun.